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5 Reviews on “North Bar & Grill”

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  • Kelly

    Amazing rib eye steak ad their Pad Thai…..Oh my! This restaurant is perfect for that special evening with a friend or a loved one. Check them out! You won’t regret it!

  • Judy D

    Delicious, the food is fancy because the chef is excellent.

  • Dayna

    Great food! Great place 🙂

  • Jonikas

    Excellent chef, amazing food, and the best Gluten-free selections in BC!👍
    We picked up last weekend due to the restrictions and everything was perfect & delicious!🙂

  • Chelsea Stern

    The food here is delicious!! We ordered the gyoza, baked brie and tortellini pasta. All we so delicious!! The gyoza’s were the best we’ve ever had. So flavorful. Such a great restaurant!!

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